Monday, March 26, 2012

RFSC Week #1 Goals

Welcome to Week One of the Ready for Summer Challenge!

To start the challenge off, we want to encourage everyone to break your larger challenge goals down into bite-sized goals each week.

Weight: Lose 2 pounds
Exercise: Since Im starting out Im not gonna go start for the 250 minutes. Gonna build my way up to it. This week I will log 150 minutes
Nutrition: Drink 64 oz of water and no soda. Log 1200 calories

Week One's Mini Challenge is to try a new vegetable, fruit, or other healthy dish of your choice, that you've never had before.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ready for Summer Challenge

There is a new challenge that is about to start called the "Ready for Summer Challenge". I was doing the Summer Chick Challenge but I fell off towards the end. Took a lil break from the weight loss thing. I realized I wasnt as focused on it like I used to be. There was just to much other stuff I was focusing on. Also I noticed that I hardly blogged about anything. I guess I figured if there was nothing weight related going on then there was no point in posting.

But now my head is in the right place. Im not just going to use this blog for my weight loss efforts but also about what is going on in my day to day life. But to the subject at hand. The Ready for Summer Challenge runs from March 26th - June 3rd. This is perfect for me cause I have a whole lot of stuff coming up in the summer that I want to look for. These are my goals:

-Weight Loss: By the end of this challenge I would like to lose 10% of my body weight. I will do the official measurements on Monday and calculate what the 10% will be.

-NSV(Non-Scale Victory): I would like to drop one or two dress/pants sizes. I currently wear a size 18/20 jeans. At the end of this challenge I would like to get down to a 14/16. I also want to cut down on my TV watching and read 5 new books

-Exercise: This will be the challenge for me. I would like to log at 250 minutes (4 hours) of exercise a week. Also by the end of this challenge I would like to be able to run a full mile without stopping

-Nutrition: This is a toughy cause I do have alot of bad habits as far as food goes. I would like to cut back on my soda and fast food intake. Also investigate this clean eating thing. I will also write down everything I eat and stay within 1300-1500 calories.

Look forward to this challenge and hope that it will allow me to have an awesome summer =D

*Updated 03/26/2012*

Sunday, March 4, 2012

SCC Week 9 Review & Week 10 Goals

So how was my week? My week was ...blah. I focused on everything else but exercising. Really need to kick the laziness bug that resides in me.

Week 9 Goals:
-Focus on serving sizes- I did pay closer attention to how much I was eating. Some item I end up eating more servings than I thought so I definitely need to cut back on that
-Continue with no soda- Another week of no soda. Im really proud of myself for sticking with this
-Go to the gym 2x this week- Its been a rainy couple of days here so that has not put me in the mood to go to the gym
-Blog at least 2x this week- Well if you count this post this mission accomplished
-Workout for a total of 150 minutes this week- Not even remotely close to this

Week 9 Mini Challenge: Up your exercise minutes- Im trying for 150 minutes this week. That is a big increase for me- FAIL

Week 10 Goals
-No junk food (especially white cheddar popcorn)
-Stop eating after 10pm/Before bed
-No fast food
-Do a weekend workout
-Find one positive/motivational quote a day

Here's to a brand new week and hoping we all achieve our goals!!