Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring Chick Update Week 5

Five weeks into the challenge and where do I stand? The same place I did on Week #1

Best moment? Fighting my daily urges to go get soda. I normally cave in and do it but not this time
Not so great moment? I ate an entire bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn in one setting? It was bad but tasted so good
Any funny stories? Nope
Are you were you hoped you would be in this journey? Honestly no Im not. I expected to be 10 pounds lighter right now. I think I have the food part down. Its just the exercise part I need to focus more on
Would you like a buddy for the last 6 weeks of the challenge? Sure a buddy couldnt hurt!
Anybody wanna chat online sometime? Im always online so thats cool

Week 5 Goals Review
  • Gym: Wednesday and Thursday-FAIL
  • Eat out one meal for the week: Choice between Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner- I ate out Monday and Tuesday for Dinner and Breakfast and then after that I didnt eat out so That is a PASS to me
  • Take my vitamins every day including the weekends PASS
  • Drink 64+ ounces of water a day PASS
  • Try a new recipe: I always eat the same stuff prepared the same way so this will be good for. If anyone has any good recipes, please post a link in the comments- I couldnt find a good enough recipe
MINI CHALLENGE--- Caffeine free....The week I come back this has to be the challenge. This is gonna be a toughie but I will give it a shot- I kicked this goals ASS this week. I was extremely proud cause Im a soda junkie 

Week 6 Goals
Post my meals for the week on my blog
Blog more often
Work a full 8 hours at work

MINI CHALLENGE: All water all week..Done and Done :-)


  1. I feel the same! I don't feel like I've come very far but I think the thing to remember is at least your not putting weight on! :D Always a silver lining to everything.

  2. Even if you're not at the weight you had hoped, you are learning new habits and challenging yourself. Hopefully some of the good habits will stick!

  3. I feel that sometimes too. Or see how far I have left to go, .. but that isn't very helpful. I try to focus on today, and do what I can. That's all we can do right?

  4. LadyK I had a health setback but I didn't let that stop me from doing what I could. I was put on bedrest for a week which in all honesty I didn't mind because hey I was finding it hard to get exercise in anyway. But I still kept to the diet part and still lost a pound so something is better than nothing and like Emily said at least your not gaining weight.. Good luck!!!

  5. Check out and look for cooking light recipes, there are quite a few good ones on there. What kinds of things do you like? Maybe I could send you some.

    I like to have an egg and a piece of toast for breakfast, it really stays with me.

    Good luck, you are doing a great job with your goals.

  6. Lady K.... Congrats on all of the successes your experienced this week especially the soda one. I know we are going to rock out the 2nd 1/2 for sure. This a long journey but we can do it!!!