Thursday, January 5, 2012

Down But Not Out!

So its the 4th day of the year, 3rd day of the challenge, and the 2nd day of me being on it and at this point I can say: I am failing miserably. I didnt exercise at all yesterday unless u count pulling a grocery cart up the stairs. I had McDonalds and Chipotle(which is my kryptonite btw) and I didnt go to bed until like 2 in the morning. Yesterday was a big fat F.

Today I think I did a lil bit better. I had a ginger ale and some Cheddar and Sour Cream chips-BAD!!. However for dinner I had salmon and some spinach. I think the plus of the day was I was sitting in my bed on my computer, like I do every nite after work and I kept thinking I should be exercising. Finally I got my ass out the bed, popped in my DCC Yoga tape and I spent the 25 minutes doing it. Was stopping and going but I did it. Also did my crunches.

This healthy lifestyle thing is hard. I have to keep telling myself that it took years for me to put this weight on so its gonna take some time to get it off. Just gotta take it one day at a time. Im sure I will find a groove to this and have some positive results to report.



  1. Starting the changes is always the hardest part for me too! I wish you luck and will be right along with you with some ups and downs. The important part is that we're trying to change and become healthier. Looking forward to keeping up with you in the coming months.

  2. Okay, so you started badly.
    Tomorrow is a new day, and you can make it better. It's all about making those changes, and sometimes it takes time. :)